Tracfone Battery Life

While Tracfone battery life can be measured in two ways, by looking at either the talk-time and the standby-time. However, I recommend using the latter to decide which phone to purchase. 

Talk Time and Standby Time

Talk Time refers to how long you can keep talking on the phone until your battery runs out. Naturally, this is measured in hours.

Standby Time is how long you can leave your phone turned on without using it much before you have to recharge it. Naturally this is measured in days.

Tracfone Battery Life Ratings

HandsetStandby TimeTalk time
LG 420g 23 Days 7 Hours
Samsung T101G 19 Days 4 Hours
Motorola W260G 18 Days 6.5 Hours
Motorola 175G 18 Days 6.5 Hours
LG 236C 18 Days 6 Hours
LG 306G 18 Days 3 Hours
Samsung S380C 16.7 Days 5.5 Hours
Motorola C139 16 Days 8 Hours
Alcatel OneTouch Pop Icon 15 days 9 Hours
Samsung T404g 14.5 Days 7 Hours
Samsung T105g 14.5 Days 7 Hours
Samsung T155g 14.5 Days 7 Hours
Samsung T301G 14 Days 4 Hours
LG600G 13 Days 6.5 Hours
LG 840g 13 Days 3.7 Hours
Motorola C261 12.5 Days 6 Hours
Motorola V176 12.5 Days 6 Hours
Motorola V170 12.5 Days 6.6 Hours
LG Optimus Fuel 11 Days 10 Hours
LG Optimus Dynamic II 11 Days 8 Hours
ZTE Valet 11 Days 5 Hours
Motorola EX124g 10.5 Days 3.3 Hours
Samsung Galaxy Centure 10.33 Days 7.22 Hours
Alcatel A392 Big Easy Flip 10 Days 3 Hours
LG 501C 10 Days 2.5 Hours
LG 231C 10 Days 2.5 Hours
LG Ultimate 2 9 Days 12 Hours
Motorola EX431g 8 Days 4 Hours
Motorola W376g 10 Days 7.5 Hours
Motorola W370 10 Days 7.5 Hours
LG 305C 10 Days 3 Housr
LG 220C 10 Days 2.5 Hours
LG 200C 10 Days 2.5 Hours
LG 500g 9 Days 5 Hours
Kyocera K126c 9 Days 3.5 Hours
LG 800g 8 Days 4 Hours
Samsung T245g 8 Days 5 Hours
LG 225 8 Days 3 Hours
LG 290C 7.5 Days 3 Hours
LG 410G 7 Days 4 Hours
LG 440g 7-10 Days 3.52 Hours
LG 3280 7 Days 3.5 Hours
LG 530g 6.3 Days 3.8 Hours
LG Optimus Dynamic 6 Days 6 Hours
Huaweii H110C 6 Days 5 Hours

Which Matters More?

Talk Time is not that useful because, as a Tracfone user, you won’t spend that much time on the phone. The per-minute rate for Tracfones is somewhat higher, but you are trading that for a lower monthly fee. If you have many 3 hour conversations on your Tracfone, it’s going to start getting expensive fast. So most of the time, you phone will be on standby. So . . .

The best Tracfone battery life award goes to the handset with the longest standby time. If the phone also has a long talk time rating, that’s a plus.

Which Phone?

As you can see, some of the simpler phones have longer battery lives. These phones don’t do as much so they draw less power. I'm a little surprised by the long standby time of the LG 420g and wonder if it's a typo.

Still, all the phones have a standby time of at least one week which should be long enough to remember to plug it into the charger.

One last thing to remember is that these are manufacturers specifications and not necessarily real world data. They may not have measured them in quite the same conditions and some may be more conservative than others in their claims.

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