Tracfone Promotional Codes - Minutes & Phones

Updated November 24, 2018

Use these Tracfone promotional codes for November 2018 below for getting bonus minutes and saving money on phone and airtime bundles.

Here is a quick list of the codes. Use them when you add your minutes or purchase a phone.

Airtime Promo Codes

The following promo codes can be found directly on Tracfone's site, as well as various other coupon sites.

Tracfone states that the latest codes are not valid on the ZTE 233, ZTE 232 and Alcatel 405 handsets. This is the first time I can recall that they have specifically restricted specfic phone models from being used with their promo codes. It's a little weird. I don't know if it's the beginning of a new strategy or that these phones don't have the same software installed to process these codes.

Black Friday WeePromo Codes

These codes are valid through 11/26/18 only. 

82730 Get 500 bonus minutes on the one-year card.

57530 Save $25 on the one-year card for smart phones.

Current Codes:

Annual Plan Card for Basic Phones:

400/800/1200 Minutes 1 Year
Bonus Min: 0 but you Save $15
Code: 21028 Exp: 11/30/2018
42268 Exp: 11/16/2018

Card 200/400/600 Min 90 Day
Bonus Min: 50
Code: 67837 Exp: 11/30/2018

Card 120/240/360 Min 90 Day
Bonus Min: 40
Code: 54633 Exp: 11/30/2018

Card 60/120/180 Min 90 Day

Bonus Min: 30
92339  (received via email from Tracfone) Exp: 11/07/2018

Card 60/120/180 Min 90 Day
Bonus Min: 20
Code: 50808 (received via text from Tracfone)

Card 60/120/180 Min 90 Day
Bonus Min: 30
Code: 92339 Exp: 11/07/2018 (received via email from Tracfone) 

Annual Plan Card for Basic Phones 400/800/1200 Minutes
Bonus Min: 300 
Code: 94697 Exp: 09/26/2018

Annual Plan Card for Smartphones: 1500 Minutes/1500 Texts/1.5GB Data
Bonus Min: 0 but you Save $15
Code: 94697 Exp: 09/04/2018 (online only?)

Card: 450/900/1350 Minutes 90 Day
Bonus Min: 50
Code: 62610 Exp: 09/26/2018

Card: $25 Smartphone Plan

Bonus: 100MB Data
Code: 34313
Exp: Unknown apparently still working as of 11/03/2017 (code was accepted when applied in shopping cart).

Save 40 Percent on Phone plus Airtime Bundles

Get 40% Off Phone Bundles Sitewide with code TFSAVINGS40 + Free Standard Shipping at Tracfone Wireless! Offer valid until 10/31/2018, or while supplies last.

The maximum discount is $100 which would be for a phone and airtime bundle costing a total of $250. Anything less than that, you get your 40 percent discount, but it comes to less than $100. For anything more expensive, you get your $100 discount, but it's less than 40 percent.

Save $10 on any phone bundle $49.99 and up

Use promo code TFOC10PROMO to save $10 on any phone bundle $49.99 and up. Expires 10/31/2018

Some Expired Codes:

Card: 400/800/1200 Minutes 1 Year
Bonus Min: 300
Code: 22740 Exp: 03/21/2018

Card: 400/800/1200 Minutes 1 Year
Bonus Min: 300

Code: 98580 Exp: 03/31/2018

Card 450/900/1350 Min 90 Day
Bonus Min: 50
Code: 68961

Exp: 02/28/2018

Card: 60/120/180 Min 90 Day
Bonus Min: 60
Code: 12745

Card: 450/900/1350 Minutes 90
Bonus Min: 50
Code: 85537

Card 200/400/600 Min 90 Day
Bonus Min: 50
Code: 96336

Card 120/240/360 Min 90 Day
Bonus Min: 40
Code: 74790

Card 450/900/1350 Min 90 Day
Bonus Min: 50
Code: 97437

Card: 450/900/1350 Min 90 Day
Bonus Min: 50
Code: 17443

Card: 400/800/1200 Min 1 Year
Bonus Min: 300
Code: 63681

Card: 60/120/180 Min 90 Day
Bonus Min: 60
Code: 22703

Save $15 on one-year Plans starting at $99.99

As you can see above, you can save $15 on the one-year card with promo codes 21028 (pay as you go plans) when you purchase it directly from Tracfone.

The only catch is the following restriction:

no promo codes for android tracfones

(But not for Android phones - Use 5% -10% auto-refill Discount instead)

Most airtime promo codes do NOT work with Android handsets, with the exception of the recent September promo code to be used with their smartphone plans. Otherwise, use the 5-10 percent auto-refill discount instead.

The airtime codes do work on all feature phones including the LG 306G and LG305C touchscreen handsets (which are not smartphones).

Notes on Codes for 60 Minute Card and 120 Minute Card

Promo codes for the 60 minute card are not usually published widely by Tracfone, so I am grateful for the feedback from visitors to this site to maintain that info. Sometime, people test using the code for a 120 minute card on a 60 minute card purchase and vice versa. Sometimes that works, but I can't say how often.

No Promo Codes so far on 30 minute Card

The 30 Minute 30-day card is sold exclusively online, but so far I have not seen any codes for it.


You will get a confirmation of any bonus minutes you receive after you complete your airtime purchase and activation online. I just provide info here and have no control over the airtime system.

If there is a problem, you can try calling customer service to straighten it out.

Sign up for a Tracfone Account

You can also sign up for a Tracfone account and get on their mailing list. You also get 20 free minutes for signing up.

You will get a promotional emails, sometimes with a bonus code that you can use when purchasing minutes. Tracfone will also send you reminders when your service period is about to expire, and if it does expire, you will often get offers to reactivate your service.

You can also check out the Yahoo group for Tracfone and Net10 users.

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