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Part 2 - Feature Phones

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Yes, the prepaid plan still offers features phones, including one of each style: an open-face brick style phone, a flip phone, and a QWERTY sliders.

The pricing of these phones is not that great on T-Mobile's site as you also have to pay for the SIM card and a $30 airtime card at the same time. You can usually get the device itself for less from other venues such as retail stores or even other online sites.

Samsung T199 - Black

Samsung T199

Samsung T199 Candy Bar Style Phone

The Samsung T199 lets you make calls, send texts and, despite its two-inch screen, surf the web at 3G speeds. Battery life is not bad. You get 4 hours or talk time or about 9 days of standby on a single charge.

The phone also has a multimedia player so you can listen to music, view photos and even small videos. You can't do as much of this as you would like because there is no external storage capability.  So you have to live with whatever internal memory is made available.

450 - No Credit Check

LG 450 - Flip Phone

LG 450 Flip Phone

The LG 450 is a flip phone that looks very similar to the 440g that is available from Tracfone.  Like that phone, it has a couple of interesting features such as text -to-speech (in English and Spanish pronunciations).

Other features include a 1.3 MP camera and Bluetooth connectivity. The listed price is a bit higher, but there is a slight advantage with being directly on a major carrier's network rather than through a third party - mainly you can complain directly about things like your voicemail and coverage, though one hopes you don't have to do that.

Sparq II - No Credit Check

Sparq II

Sparq II QWERTY Slider

The Sparq II is a QWERTY slider phone that has some advanced features, but not enough to call it a smartphone. In addition to its keypad, it features a 1.3 MP camera with flash. You can both text and do email.

It is a 3G phone so the web browser should perform reasonably well on its 2.4 inch screen. Unlike the other feature phones in their line-up, you can actually use an external memory card (up to 32GB) to store your photos and music.

There's also an FM radio so you can catch a local radio station without having to use your data allowance.

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