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Republic Wireless is either the best thing since sliced bread or an overhyped technofix to the problem of getting affordable unlimited calling and data for a smart phone. What Republic has done is modded their phones to use WiFi to make your calls whenever that service is available. This reduces how much cellular bandwidth you actually use.

For traditional smartphones, this is something that normally occurs only for data services. So when you have WiFi, you phone uses that to serve the web or process data for your apps. However, when you don’t have WiFi, you phone uses the 3G or 4G cellular data network instead. So the more you use WiFi, the less cellular data you use. Republic decided to create a service that does the same thing for your phone calls as well. So when you have WiFi, the phone uses WiFi to make your calls, and when you don’t, you use the cellular network.

Update 07/2016 - Now Offering the Latest Smartphones

Republic now offers some of the latest Android smartphones such as the Samsung Galaxy S7 and the Nexus 6P.

Update 12/09/2015 - Tethering Allowed: Use Your Phone as a Wireless Hotspot

Tethering is now allowed so you can use your phone as a wireless hotspot to connect your laptops and tablets. Of course this will increase your mobile data usage - which could lead to higher costs or at least less of a refund for unused data. Speaking of which, this feature is only available on their new Refund plans.

Cellular Coverage on Sprint

For the cellular portion of their service, the company relies on the Sprint network. It would have been nicer if they could have gotten Verizon instead, but for various reasons Sprint tends to be more accepting of these kinds of experiments.


As long as you are to any WiFi network that has access to the wider internet, your calls then sent as a VOIP call presumably routed through Republic Wireless data centers.


So the interesting question is what happens if the WiFi signal drops out in the middle of a call. Well, with the first generation of Republic phones – the LG Optimus S and Motorola Defy XT, the call would be dropped, and you would have to redial over the cellular network. However, with the launch of the Moto X and G phone, these calls are now automatically handed over to the cellular network without dropping the call – pretty cool. And now with the latest line-up of phones, I believe they now can switch back and forth between the cell and WiFi networks during a call.

Republic Wireless Phones

Republic Wireless now carries a pretty good selection of phones. As of October 9, 2018, some of the more popular and affordable modes are the Moto e5 Play ($129), the Samsung Galaxy J3 $169) and J7 ($249). The latter two are the 2018 versions of those models, which means faster processors and more memory.

Other phones available include:

  • Samsung Galaxy S9 $719
  • Samsung Galaxy S8  $599
  • Moto G6 $249
  • Moto G6 Play $199
  • Moto G5 S Plus $279
  • Moto G5 Play Certified Pre-Owned $179
  • Moto X4 $349
  • Moto Z3 Play $499
  • Alcatel A30 $99

Previous Models

Moto X - 2nd Generation $249

Their top phone is still the second-generation Moto X (launched on December 10, 2014). This is an Android 4.4.4 phone with a 5.2 inch HD screen with IR sensors that respond to some hand gestures or movements. It has a 13 MP camera with flash and a 2 MP front-facing camera. Its features compare well to models such as the iPhone 5 and Samsung Galaxy S5.

Originally $399, it is now reduced to $249. This indicates that they may be clearing out stock in preparation for the future availability of the third generation (apparently known as the Pure edition) of this device with this plan.

Original Moto X (Out of Stock)

The first generation Moto X launched on November 14, 2013. The Moto X is part of the lines of phones from Google-owned Motorola and a lot of resources were invested into this line so it tends to feature good technology. It was the first phone in their line-up to feature automatic Wi-Fi to cellular handover. This was important enough to the company to now wave goodbye as they phase it out.

Moto Maker - Design your Phone

The Moto Maker service from Motorola is available for the Republic Wireless version of this phone. You can customize your Moto X to your personal taste.

The cost is $349 as compared to the standard black or white versions (which are still available for $299). Bamboo and wood finishes cost an extra $25 unless you're among the first 2000 people to sign up. For $349 you also have the option to get the 32GB version of this phone. A 64GB will also soon be available.

Moto G (3rd Generation) $199

The third generation of the Moto G is now available. Republic offered the first generation of this phone, but skipped the second generation, preferring to roll out the Moto e instead. The new version of the G compares pretty well to the higher end Moto X still on its second generation version, and it costs less.

It has a higher-resolution 13 MP camera (with autofocus) compared to the Moto e.

Note: this phone is a 3G phone so you can use it on Republic's unlimited 3G plan which costs $25 per month.

Moto E (2nd Generation) $129

The second generation Moto E is priced at $129. It has some pretty good features including a 4.5 inch qHD screen and a front-facing camera. It is also now a 4G LTE phone so you can use it with Republics plans that offer 4G data.

Update: Reactivation

The Defy XT (beta phone) and other Republic devices apparently cannot be re-activated for another user once activated.  I don't know if that mean that the number cannot be changed or just that the billing cannot be re-assigned.

This capability will apparently be available in the future.

One difference between the beta phone and the Moto X is the plans.

Simple Choice Plans

$15 for Unlimited Talk and Text Plus $5 per GB of Data

The new Simple Choice plans are set up with a base cost of $15 for unlimited talk and text plus $5 per GB of Data per month. So, for comparison, here's how much these would cost. Note that these plans are competitive with plans like Straight Talk at the high end, but also flexible enough to cost less for those who don't need as much cellular data.

  • $15/month - cheap but includes no Cellular Data (you have to use WiFi)
  • $20/month - includes 1GB data
  • $25/month - include 2GB data
  • $30/month - includes 4GB data
  • $35/month - includes 6GB data
  • $45/month - includes 10GB data

If you get a new handset or bring a device onto your Republic plan you will have to sign up for a Simple Choice plans. If you have an older device that is on one of their previous plans, you can apparently keep that plan. Some of these previous plans are described below.

No More Refunds?  - What Happened to Getting Money Back for Unused Data!

While Republic was working on adding new phones to their line-up, they introduced a plan feature where you could get a refund for the unused portion of your data which is much better than rollover. After all, you're only rolling over data because it's more than you need.

However, this feature appears to be gone.

Generally, these plans costs are best for lighter data usages which makes sense if you have access to WiFi. For the more expensive plans, you are looking at costs comparable to the Straight Talk plans.

Still No International Calling

Even though this plan has now been around a few years, you still cannot make international calls except to a few select countries and territories. Your main option is to use services like Skype, Viber, Google, etc.

Note: You can take your phone abroad and make calls to USA numbers as long as you're connected to WiFi.

Old $19 Unlimited 3G Plan

The Motorola Defy XT (and LG Optimus S) had been available with a $19 a month unlimited talk, text and 3G data plan. This plan was tied to the phones and is not available with their current phones. This is now part of their history of Republic Wireless.

Pre-Activated Phones delivered in 5 -7 days

Once you get the phone, you just have to turn it on as they're pre-activated. However, I guess they have to install their software on the phones once you order them, so it does take about 5-7 days for delivery.


Their concept was fairly unique (major carriers are also exploring this concept) yet simple, which is why this review is relatively short. As long as Sprint cellular coverage is decent in your area, it’s definitely worth checking out their service.

See if these plans starting as low as $15/month will work for you.

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