Is there an activation fee?

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Jitterbug Order Breakdown

Jitterbug Order Breakdown

Q. Is there a fee for activating a Jitterbug phone.
A. Yes there is, and it's a bit of a whopper. The activation fee is $35.00 though sometimes they offer free activation. Luckily, the price of the phone has dropped (for now) to $99. So after activation, shipping and taxes, the damage comes to about $150. The activation fee is refundable if you return the phone within 30 days - there is a restocking fee if the phone is not defective.

You also have to pick a calling plan, but that's not part of the one-time cost shown.

While the activation fee is a bit steep, the phone itself is worth it, especially with the price drop. Plus it also comes in red now!

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