Why does LG600 show my old number?

by rick

I switched over my number and minutes to my new phone. Everything is great except under my number it shows the wrong number. Everyone still contacts me with the old number which is great-I just wish my number would show up on my phone.

I contacted customer service and was told all I had to do was zero out the wrong number and input mine. They would not tell me how to do this and I cannot figure it out.

If anyone knows how to do this I would greatly appreciate your posting this information.

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Jan 21, 2010
Getting rid of your old #.
by: laj

Maybe if you go into the section where you might be able to get to that old # to come up you might be able to "delete" it one # at a time and replace it with the right # that you want.

Call Customer service and ask them to help you do it. Tell them if they can't, you are on your way to return the phone for a refund. Nothing makes people pay quicker attention than when they hear "it's going to cost them money".

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