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The Virgin Mobile Wildcard is a very nice new dual screen phone from Kyocera which features a 1.3 megapixel camera, Bluetooth capability, a full qwerty keyboard for text messaging, mobile IM, email and web. It was also available as the Kyocera Lingo from other providers. You can also download games, wallpapers etc. The only thing it appears to lack is an MP3 music player.

Virgin Mobile has continued to use Kyocera phone in its line-up from smart phones to flip phones.

Update: Discontinued


Dual LCD Screens

The Wildcard has dual screens, a smaller external screen when using as a normal phone, and a larger internal screen for using when textings,IM'ing etc. The external screen measures 128 x 128 and the internal screen is 128 x 160.

This is a necessary convenience due to the way it's made, but it's a shame really that the design require you to waste the use of one of the screens. For example, when surfing, if you had that extra little bit of extra screen real estate that screen would have measured 128 x 288 which would have provided a much nicer experience on the Wildcard.

Perhaps the large screen which could have been partially hidden as in those "Slider" style phones and the keyboard could have flipped out of the way.

Still, the dual screens are handy.

QWERTY Keyboard

The QWERTY keyboard is really the main physical feature of the phone. Text messages cost less under Virgin Mobile plans than most other prepaid provides. The keyboard itself does look fairly sturdy and looks to be able to withstand the force of those tapping fingers. You can add freely add captions or comments to you picture messages which does add to the fun quite a bit.

1.3 Megapixel Camera

The Wildcard has a 1.3 megapixel camera which is good for quality shots for emailing and displaying on someone's laptop. You can probably make a not too bad wallet size or even 3 x 5 print.

Bluetooth Capability

If you want or need to use this phone with a Bluetooth headset, you can. So you can talk on the phone while fiddling with the buttons and controls of the handset just like you could in the old days when the buttons where on the body of the phone and you held the earpiece!


Wildcard Versions

There are two official versions so far of the Wildcard. The black one pictured above and the

Virgin Festival Special Edition

They were available until July 31st this year (2008). Along with the neat look, you also got a credit for 50 eMusic downloads, which is incredibly ironic since you can't even play those songs on your Wildcard.

There are many other snap-on Wildcard covers but that's not quite the same thing.

Get One?

Despite all the music promotion associated with this phone, it doesn't have an MP3 player. As long as you don't need one on your phone, this Virgin Mobile Wildcard is a good phone at a not outrageous price.

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