Virgin Mobile LG Flare

The Virgin Mobile Flare is a basic flip style prepaid cell phone from Virgin Mobile with the added feature of Bluetooth wireless capability.

Red External Screen

The name, Flare, itself implies a fiery stylishness in its red external lcd design.

Flares are also associated with emergencies. Another good reason you always want to have one with you.

Update: Discontinued


Bluetooth Wireless

The LG Flare's one "enhanced" feature is its compatibility with Bluetooth wireless headsets. So you don't have to use those clumsier wired handsfree headsets, which no one uses anyway. However, if you don't like the wireless headsets, you can still use the . . .

Ringtones and Ringback Tones

You can download real music (mp3) ringtones with this phone. In addition you can also set custom ringback tones -- i.e. a tone for people to hear when they call you.

Download Problems

There have apparently been reports of some Virgin Flare download problems.

Speaker phone

The handsfree speaker phone allows you to use the phone without and headset or earpiece at the cost of the usual ambient noise a speaker phone picks up.

Hearing Aid Compatibility M4

Like many new Virgin Mobile phones, the LG Flare is HAC (hearing aid compatibility) rated M4 which is excellent. So if you are looking for this capability in a basic yet stylish phone then this might be a good bet.

Battery Life, etc.

Battery life is okay with a talk time of 3 and a half hours. The standby time of 7 days is on the short side, so you have to remember to keep the phone charged. It's probably best to charge it every night.


You can get a car charger, an extra battery, and, of course, a Bluetooth headset.


You may also want to look at the Virgin Flare manual(pdf).

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