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Part 2 - Video Demo and User Reviews and Questions

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1 - Activate Voicemail Online

2 - Video Demo and Q & A

Here's a video showing how to setup your Tracfone voicemail on the phone. Of course you're phone needs to be activated and have minutes as it costs airtime to make the call.

Here's a recent comment I got on the video:

First Name: Mae
Subject: Setting up voicemail on Tracfone
Message: Thanks for the great video tutorial. It was very helpful. Much appreciation for taking the time to make the video. Best wishes for the new year.

Mae, You're welcome!

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Change Voicemail Message 
I have given my LG 420G phone to my husband. I would like to know how to change the message on the voicemail. It still has my voice and message on the …

All Circuits Are Busy 
For some reason one day when I went to retrieve my voicemail I just got a recording that all circuits werebusy. I have not figured out how to fix this …

Hear your Tracfone voice mail messages for free! 
Did you know you can access your voice mail box from a land line and not use ANY air time minutes? Yep! You have to set up a "password" which can be …

Reset Tracfone Voicemail Password 
Forgot my password and cannot listen to my voicemail. how do I reset my password? --------------- Hi Barbara, The voicemail function depends on …

Retrieving Old Voicemails Not rated yet
Brother passed away. I am trying to retrieve old voicemail of him. And I can not find it. I know I did not delete it. How can i get it back? Thanks …

Retrieving voicemail from Samsung Galaxy Tracfone Not rated yet
I can't retrieve my voice mail from a land line on my Samsung Galaxy Tracfone. I've tried using the "star" key when the recording starts and it doesn't …

Hearing Voicemail Greeting instead of Messages Not rated yet
On my LG840G Tracfone, when I get a message saying I have Voice Mail and try to retrieve it by calling voice mail, all I get is the greeting message that …

Voicemail answers before the phone rings Not rated yet
When a call comes into my cell phone, my voice mail answers before the phone rings. This prevents a call from being completed, and I have to return the …

Retrieving Saved Messages Not rated yet
How do I listen to saved messages on my Motorola EX124g? There is no option to do so when I call my voicemail box using the phone. Help! I saved a few …

Setup on old Nokia 1200 Not rated yet
2/23/12 I just set up the voice mail feature on my old Nokia 1200 using the customer service # (800) 867-7183; it took about five minutes for a rep to …

Setup Greeting and Name Not rated yet
I cannot set up a greeting for voicemail, don't know where to do so. I went into settings for messages, hit voicemail and did set up a name and number …

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Setting up voice mail doesn't vary all that much across the different brands and companies. One may want you to press "#" while the other wants you to press "*" and so forth.

In this case I showed how to access voice mail on a CDMA Straight Talk phone operating on the Verizon network.


When a cell phone checks voicemail it is calling an assigned phone number for the service. This can become an issue if you accidentally block this number as I did when setting up the parental controls on a Kajeet cell phone.