STI is the best deal out there

by Richard on 02/16/2013
(Bellevue, NE USA)

I've had STI mobile since 2006. I started out paying 10c a minute and 10c a day to keep the line active, which translates to $3.00 a month. If there is a better deal, tell me! I think this is extremely good. With my usage, I pay an average of $3.50 a month, but I use cellphones very lightly. Even in a high use month (for me) I'm way below $10.00. Minutes do not expire, and I consider this a plus. I do not mind at all paying 10 cents a day to keep a line. Quite a bargain in my estimation.

I have not ever had a problem in coverage, anywhere I have traveled in the US. I do admit their customer support is minimal, but not a problem for me since the phone works. Their selection of phones is minimal, but as Steve Blinky Roberts would say "serves its purpose". Not terrible, just not fancy.

The only negative I can think of is that since the beginning of Feb 2013, I am not able to use *555 to find out what my usage is. My email to customer service bounces. Therefore, I wonder if they are even in business anymore. You also cannot click on a phone to order a new one on the web. If they cleaned up their website and did a little better job marketing, I think STI mobile would be a huge player in the pay per use cellphone market.

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Mar 11, 2013
Re: bankruptcy
by: sb

Thanks for the tip. I'll add a note to the top of the main review.

Mar 11, 2013
STI Mobile
by: Bob

Parent of STI Mobile has filed for chapter 11 bankruptcy. See:

Feb 17, 2013
STI phone problems
by: Emotionalzombie7997

I looked at the STI website. I found this "calling customer service at 1-800-784-3277". I don't know if you have this phone number already. But if this phone number works, they may be able to help you get the *555 feature working on your phone again.

I also found this "Contact our Customer Service if you need help recharging your account by calling 800-784-6099". This number may be able to connect you to someone who can give you your phones balance.

I hope I helped. If I find any more usefull information on STI Mobile, I will post it.

Feb 16, 2013
Aritime orders still look okay
by: sb (admin)

Hi Richard,

Thanks for your comments. I re-checked their website and found that, while you can't order phones there, it does look like you can still buy airtime.


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