Problem with Dial 1 for Voicemail

This is the first Tracfone that Ive ever had, that I have had trouble accessing my voicemail by "pressing and holding the number 1 key". When I do this, I get a message on my phone that says, "Can not add new VMS center," so the only way I can get into my voicemail is by dialing my phone number.

I don't understand why it won't work by pressing and holding the "1", when it worked just fine on all the other ones's I've owned. I have called the company's customer service about this, and got nowhere! They just tell me that they don't know why it doesn't work either, and they keep me on the phone trying all sorts of things, including deactivating and reactivating, which does nothing to help at all.

I myself have tried "Master Resetting," and it still does not help. It is very inconvenient for me to have to keep dialing my phone number to get my voicemail messages. Can anyone tell me why it does not work...and what I might be able to do to fix this issue so that I can just press and hold the "1" to dial voicemail?

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Jul 23, 2017
How to fix!
by: Anne

Easy fix for this. Had a customer with the same issue. Simply master clear the old phone and you will be able to dial 1 on the new phone! ☺️

Oct 13, 2016
Tracfone voice mail
by: Steve CBT

"1" would not work for me, got the VMS message. I used another unused # for voice mail, set it to the cell phone's number and it worked just fine. I cannot edit or delete 1, but know not to use it

Sep 13, 2016
This worked for me
by: Anonymous

When holding 1 I get the same "cannot add new vms center." So I just assigned my cell phone number to 2 instead. Here's how:
1 - Menu
2 - Contacts
3 - New Contact
4 - Name it "Voice Mail" and add cell number
5 - Go back to contacts and highlight "speed dial"
6 - Scroll to desired unassigned #
7 - Choose "Voice Mail"

Press and hold assigned # to retrieve your voice mail.

Aug 31, 2016
Same Number, Same Voicemail
by: Anonymous

If this is not your first tracfone phone and you kept your old number, try calling your phone number and entering your old voicemail password. For me, it wouldn't add a NEW VMS center, probably bc my old one was still functioning. Hope this helps!

Aug 18, 2016
Cannot add new VMS center

TracFone made me upgrade service and furnished me with a free LG 441G phone. I can make calls on it but cannot use voicemail. When I follow instructions to set up voicemail I get the message "Cannot add new VMS center." Looks like I have the same problem everyone else has. I tried the suggestions made by others but they did not work. Is frustrating. Guess the phone is not programmed correctly?

Apr 23, 2016
Accessing my voicemail
by: Anonymous

I"m having the same problem. Pressing one doesn't get me into the voicemail.

Aug 07, 2015
cannot add new VMS center to LG440
by: InOld LA

I did all of the above - went to clr, got the above message, went to message, hit voice mail, got the above message, pressed 1 got the above message. What else can I do?

Mar 18, 2015
Access to Voice Mail
by: Richard Baratta

To access your Voice Mail - try this: Found out this by accident, but it works on my LG44G:
Hold down the "clr" button for a few seconds until the speaker comes on. Scroll down to Voice Mail prompt, press "OK" add password if you need to.

Mar 16, 2015
Voice Mail Access
by: Richard B

It is a possibility that you may have too many messages built up.
Try deleting until your message box is empty.
I'm not sure, but I think it's #7 you have to press to delete a message. It worked for me on a different cell phone.

Mar 14, 2015
LG440 Voicemail cant press #1
by: Kim

Can not add new VMS center anyone have this problem? I tried going to messages and voicemail and that gave me the same!!!

Mar 12, 2015
Voice Mail
by: Richard B

This works on my 440G:

Go to "Messages"
Press #5 on list (Message setting)
Press "OK"
Press #6 (Voice Mail)

Dec 06, 2014
Voicemail on Straight Talk, only partially solved
by: Paul A

I have a new Straight talk phone, Like many others, I get that mysterious"Cannot add new VMS center" message when I press and hold 1 (the official way to set and access voicemail). I found a partial workaround, but I know it doesn't solve the problem completely.

From StraightTalk Customer Service I got an actual access number for my voicemail. By dialing that number I was indeed able to set up and retrieve voicemail. I then programmed 2 (speed dial) to call that number. But you don't get all the voicemail features that way, and you can't find out who called you.

I'd love to find a better solution. I think the phone has been misprogrammed.

Oct 12, 2014
Same problem
by: Anonymous

I have the same problem tried everything that you did?

Aug 13, 2013
Voicemail dial #1
by: Emotionalzombie7997

I do not have your phone and I do not know if this will work for your phone.

On my phone I have a message menu. If I go to the messages I can press 5 which will take me to my voicemail. I can also press 1 from my home screen and be directed to my voicemail.

I would go to your message folder and see if you can access your voicemail from that folder.

I hope this works for you.

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