Phones compatible with $25 NET10 card

by Christy

What net 10 phones are compatible with the 25 dollar cards?

Basically, any non-smartphone from Net10 should be compatible with this card. In my area, what's offered are the Huawei H215G and LG 900G QWERTY phones, and the LG 441g flip phone. Other models may be available else where. When you go to Net10's site, you should buy it by itself, and not with one of the other cards they offer. Then once it arrives, you can purchase a $25 monthly card either online or in stores and activate it on that plan.

So, remember, Android phones and other smartphones are not compatible with the $25 card. Only the basic phones can be used.

Also, if you already have an unlocked phone from elsewhere, you cannot activate it on the $25 card no matter what kind it is. You would have to activate that phone on one of the monthly plans with unlimited calling which start at $35 per month.

Hope this helps.


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Jun 07, 2018
by: Anonymous

I did the same thing. You have to educate yourself on this kind of stuff. The people selling you the phone and card at a Rite Aid or Best Buy probably don't know.

Jan 05, 2018
I need resolution
by: Anonymous

What do u do if you purchase a $25 card but also purchased a smart phone and the rep did not make you aware these two items were not compatible and now net ten nor the vendor will allow any return or compensation for this now useless card and therefore useless phone there has to be something that can be done as i need a smart phone its not my fault rep did not educate me on products not being compatible

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