NOT a good story

by Eileen Burlingame
(Pt. Sanila, Mi, USA)

THIS is NOT a good story: My husband stopped using his phone and gave it to me.

I am a Senior Citizen & I have a leftover TRACFONE with mins. still on it. I could buy a $100 card, and get 365 days service - imagine: A WHOLE YEAR! (With Net10, you have a 1500 mins. for 180 days - STILL not good enough!)

NET 10 doesn't offer this.....WHY???? More money for YOU, less convenience for me! Every 30 or 60 days I have to renew my "PLAN"---which is no PLAN AT ALL, basically or I will lose my Assigned Phone Number, and have to pay to get it back!

I rarely use my phone for 'gabbing calls'. It is used strictly for "Emergency-on-the-road", or "I'll be home soon", or "I'm lost", "I'll be late" etc. and not much else. I liked that my Tracfone was always more than up-to-date.

I detest this 'locked-in' plan of yours and am tired of having to renew so often. I still have minutes and time on my TRACFONE, so I think I shall return to that phone's usage. It's good until 2014!

Very unsatisfied net10 customer,
Eileen Burlingame

PS. One good thing: I DO like the better reception I get on the newer Net 10 phone.

Hi Eileen,

Thanks for your comments!

Tracfone and Net10 do have different kinds of plans - which I consider a plus, because it lets customers choose what they prefer. Regarding the inconvenience, you can sign up for automatic monthly refills from both Tracfone and Net10. The Tracfone monthly plans start at $10 per month, and the Net10 monthly plans start at $15 per month.

However, you're right that the one-year $100 card from Tracfone is a pretty good deal. BTW, what is the new Net10 phone you have?

sb (admin)

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Nov 04, 2012
tracfone is better
by: Anonymous

i also have a is good until 2016. Wish my net10 service was that good.lately i ben losing around 400 plus mins. on a 750min $25.oo card. its a shame to loose those mins. that like. thanks for telling me how to set the time on my lg900g

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