Love it and hate to see it go

by Tom
(Stewart County, TN)

I've been using my V170 as emergency & back-up since about mid 2006 and now, 3/2016, Tracfone sent an email saying it's a 2G speed phone & Cell carriers are phasing out 2G in favor of 3G & up. This means I will have to replace it with a later model phone.

I am still using original battery & it holds a charge like new. Not sure when 2G will go dark, but I plan to keep using the V170 until forced to upgrade. I buy usage by the year with double minutes and other promos, so right now, it has 5,250 min. and expires 6/2018.

Best wishes to all of you V170 lovers,

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Mar 15, 2016
Re: Love it
by: Tom

When they sent email, it included a few phone offerings. A couple were $0.99 but I didn't like the features. When I upgrade I will want flip type phone with 3X minutes, camera & video recording as well as voice recording. Trying to avoid Android.

Mar 15, 2016
2G cell phones.
by: Emotinalzombie7997

I read that someone else said that they had to replace their phone for a different provider(Virgin Mobile?) as well.

Since your phone still works, it may not hurt to contact Tracfone and ask them for a free upgrade phone. I know that in the past when I would purchase a GSM phone that would not work in my calling area, they would send me a replacement phone. All I had to do was send the original phone back to Tracfone after my service was transferred.

I don't think this will work, but it may save you a few bucks on a new phone, since it is not your decision to upgrade.

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