Kajeet Samsung M300 Review

The Kajeet Samsung M300 is an excellent way to try out a cool cell phone plan for kids. While this is a basic flip-style handset (that kids might find boring), it does have a few cool features that are fun to use.

samsung m300

Update: M400 Current model

The M400 is the current model in the series.



First of, it has a VGA (with 640 x 480) resolution camera, so your child can take pictures of their friends and share them via picture message.

samsung m300 camera lens


The Samsung M300 is also a bluetooth phone. You can pair it up with a headset or use it to transfer pictures to pc.

Easy to Use

One of the best things about the phone is how easy it is to use.

Easy On/Off Button

Just one quick press of the "END" button turns the phone on. You don't have to press it for anywhere from three to ten seconds like you do with some other phones. So this is great for kids.

Even the external screen is easy to read.

Nice Keypad

The keys themselves are quite ordinary, but what I like about the keypad is the musical sounds the keys make when you press them. I know, I know, playing a tune with your cell phone keyboard is an old story, but these keys on the Kajeet Samsung M300 actually sound good.

GPS Tracking and Parental Controls

This cell phone for kids gives you access to Kajeet's parental controls and GPS Tracking to locate your child.

Parental Controls

The Parental Controls allow to control the when the phone can be used as well as who can call and be called from that phone.

Kajeet Wallets

In addition you can manage a virtual allowance via "Kajeet Wallets" which your child can use to download games. The purpose of these is ostensibly to teach kids how to be responsible with money. Frankly, we adults could probably learn a little bit of that as well.

Of course, Kajeet also makes money from these downloads, so they have a bit of a conflict there. That's one reason for not signing your child up for any marketing messages when activating your phone.

GPS Tracking

GPS tracking allows you to locate the phone (and presumably your child) via your computer. While it's sad that our society has come to this, there's no doubt that it is reassuring to know what you can find out whether your child is where they're supposed to be.

This service costs $7.99 per month or 99 cents per locate. It comes free with the $24.99 and up plans.

Getting the Samsung M300

While this phone is no longer offered, you can get other phones directly from Kajeet.

Which Plan

It's recommended to start out with the $14.99 per month plan that give unlimited text messaging and 60 voice minutes. If you really want it just as an emergency phone, you can go as low as $4.99 per month which give you 10 voice minutes per month.

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