Cyber Monday Prepaid Deals for 2014

There are more Cyber Monday prepaid deals for 2014 than there were comparable deals last Friday, which is to be expected since these are tech gadgets we're talking about. Here are a few examples

Save 50 Percent on GreatCall Devices

Update - Sale Over

I somehow forgot to mention last week that you can save 50 percent on any of the three main GreatCall devices - the Jitterbug Touch 3, the Jitterbug 5, and the Splash. Note, this discount is off the regular price. This means you can get the Touch 3 for $84.99, the Jitterbug5 for 59.49, and the Splash for 24.99 (plus taxes and fees).

Note: this sale has ended.

Buy a Jitterbug phone today and Plans start at just $14.99 per month. No Contract, No Hassles. Shop Now!

Tracfone Deals


12:50 pm EST - Deals still not up

This is starting to look like, as my kids like to say, a FAIL.

11:45 am EST Deals not up

The deals listed below for the Android Tracfones are not up yet. I don't know whether they're out of stock or whether it's a technology issue.

At Tracfone's site, the price for the on sale items actually went back to their regular prices on the Saturday and Sunday, and will drop back down on Monday. Then you will again be able to get refurbished versions of these phones:

Straight Talk - Offers on Huawei Phones


12:50 pm EST - all deals still available

Straight Talk is offering deep discounts on refurbished Huawei phones:

Net10 - A Variety of Deals


12:55 pm EST - all deals still up

Net10 on the other hand offers up a slew of deals almost to the point of confusion. You can get:

  • LG Optimus Dynamic (White) Free
  • Huawei Inspira 9.99
  • Samsung Galaxy Centura - Free (note this is an ongoing deal, so it doesn't really cut it as a Cyber Monday deal
  • Samsung Galaxy SIII - 229.99
  • LG Ultimate 2 79.99
  • Moto G 119.99
  • Moto e 79.99

Virgin Mobile USA

Virgin has a general 40 percent off savings, a headphone bundle offer and additional discounts.

12/01/2014 Only

Update Deal Expired

  • Get $150 Off the Samsung Galaxy S5 Plus Samsung Level On Headphones With Promo Code SMSNGCYBER bringing the cost to $449.99 plus tax.

12/1 - 12/7 Cyber Week Offers

  • LG Tribute - 10% off with code MerryVM10
  • HTC Desire 816 - 25% off
  • LG Optimus F3 - 77.99
  • Samsung Galaxy Ring - Save $50 (final cost 112.49 plus taxes)
  • Samsung Galaxy SIII - $149.99
  • LG Volt - Save $75 (cost 107.99 plus taxes)

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