Creaky but still great phone

by Scott
(Delaware, OH, USA)

I got this the day after Thanksgiving from Target for more than 50% off its current selling price.

That said, I love this phone. I wanted something to make texting easier and to enable me to take photos when out and about. This phone has both features. It has a full keyboard that is set up just like a typewriter, so its really easy to use.

My only complaint is that the Wildcard is a bit creaky. It cracks and makes other funny plastic noises when you use it. This does not affect the use of the phone in any way shape or form but its just sort of a quality thing. The crackling noises make the phone appear cheap. Other than that though, I have no complaints.

I also like that I have no contract with any phone company and only have to spend $20.00 every 90 days to keep my Virgin Mobile phone active. I only use my phone for texting and the occasional phone call, so this works well for me. I am not attached to my phone like so many others.

I would recommend this phone to anyone. It's really cool and technically up to date.

Vigorous Texting is Super Easy

by Xio
(New York)

I really like it. It has a lot of features that I am pleased with. I love texting, and texting is made super simple with the QWERTY keyboard. It does not hurt my thumbs when I am vigorously texting away or when I am sending e-mails. The buttons are big enough for my fingers to be comfortable but small enough for my fingers to glide from one letter to another with ease. The QWERTY keyboard is sturdy and can withstand a lot of pressure. The cost to text is not bad either with the Virgin Mobile plan that I have.


Another feature that I love is the Blue Tooth compatibility. I can use the phone with the Blue Tooth headset that I already own. That makes me very happy because I do not have to buy a new headset to go with my new cool Virgin Mobile Wildcard phone.

I like the easy texting and service

by Keith

I am new to the non contract phone. I was looking for a cell phone that takes no contract I am tired of that. Well I ran across virgin mobile wildcard I love the way texting became so easy and the service on the phone is great I would of thought that since this is pay as you go that this phone would be shitty but damn it's good.


I had T-Mobile and there are places where I could get no service but with the wildcard on the vm I can go to those sites and get service. This Phone is great If you go out to get a vm phone I say get this phone. You would love the wildcard.

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