Can I check emails on Kona?

Greetings: Can I check emails on this cell phone? Can I just have a non-contract plan - just pay as you go like a virgin mobile top up card? And with this plan, will it allow me to check emails on the Kyocera Kona phone?

I'm looking for a phone just for talk and check emails at the lowest cost. Any Suggestions? Thank you.


Thanks for your question. The answer, I think, is YES. I wasn't sure if I could answer your question as I had already recycled the Kona I used for my review. The user guide didn't state this info either.

I went back to the video on this site (see the link at the bottom of the page that says "click here to return"). At the end of the video I go through some of the menus (around the four-minute mark) and one of them has an option for email.

You can use this phone with one of the Virgin Mobile Paylo plans which use top-up cards. The plans start at $20 a month nowadays, which can be more expensive than some other companies such as Tracfone and PTel.


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