Any inexpensive no-contract touchscreen phones for Ohio?

by Neel

Hey. I reside in Ohio and I am currently using boost mobile which is monthly Unlimited calls and text. The only problem here is the touchscreen phones are very costly. I was actually was wondering if there is a no contract phone @ $45 - 50 a month and with free or cheap smart phones to offer in my area.

Hi Neel,

Thanks for your question. I don't know of any free no-contract touchscreen phone offers currently. As far as reasonably priced ones, I think the Samsung T528g from Straight Talk or the Motorola EX124g (Net10 version offers unlimited) are pretty good deals. The Samsung costs $100 and the Motorola costs $80. The unlimited plans cost $45 and $50 respectively. These are not Android phones though they do run Java apps. I did a quick check to make sure they were available for a Columbus, OH zip code.

Those phones run on AT&T's network. You can also get touchscreen phones from AT&T itself for about $100. Their unlimited GoPhone plan costs $50. However, if you get a smartphone such as the LG Thrive ($180), you also have to get a data package. Unfortunately, their data packages are currently not that good, but hopefully that will change.

Hope this helps

sb (admin)

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Jul 30, 2011
Senior looking for a cheap phone plan
by: Anthony

HI, i have landline phone with Verizon, unlimited for $40 per month. $15 of that is for all sorts of NYC taxes. Recently they raised it to $45.xx and am getting tired for their nit picking additions month after month. Last month #2 and change was added and now this month #3 which brought it up to the $45. I complained and managed to get them to retract the extra $5 they i am back to the $40. I do not expect this to last more than a year here in this city, thats for sure. I have been looking for a prepaid plan around the same cost, and they exist, but not with the additional tax's added to this i will wind up paying as much or more than with what i have now. I rarely make long distance calls, except for 2 relatives state wide. The other long distance calls are the usual 800 numbers for technical pc problems and/or tools that i have bought. I tried consumer cellular with a $35 activation fee and a free phone and it was horrible i cancelled and got my money back. Imagine an AARP ad and asking for an activation fee from its seniors. Is there anything for me , so i can get rid of my landline phone? Seems that prepaid sound like the best choice? Thanks

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