All Circuits Are Busy

by Carla
(Shallotte, NC)

For some reason one day when I went to retrieve my voicemail I just got a recording that all circuits werebusy. I have not figured out how to fix this problem. Any suggestions?


Does this happen all the time? If you've already set up your voicemail previously with a PIN, then you can try checking your voicemail from another line by calling your phone from a landline.


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Jul 01, 2016
All Circuits are busy
by: EmotionalZombie7997

My son has a Tracfone Android phone. I attempted to call him multiple times one day and kept getting a recording that said that "all circuits are busy". I just went to where he was and discovered that he was fine. But his phone was out of text messages and he only had a few minutes left on his phone. So I went and purchased him a new airtime card and added it for him. Once the airtime card was added, he had service again.
I think that you should check to make sure you have enough minutes and/or text messages and service days on your phone. You may need to add a new airtime card.

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